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The Common Room
(Children & Youth)

Classroom Lecture

In this program, children and youth will learn about a variety of topics including money management, investing, wealth building, and more. Because you (mom, dad, guardian) are a vital part of this process you will receive resources on how to support and continue to develop their money skills. The parents are able to choose up to 3 topics per session. Please see the topics below:


1. Earning, Savings, Giving, Spending

2. Making money/Types of Income

3. Assets vs. Liabilities

4. Shopping Process

5. Budgeting/Money Management

6. Debit Card vs Credit card

7. Checking and Savings account

8. Wealth Building – Save, Invest, Own

9. Compound Interest

10. Credit/Credit reports

11. Loans

***If your location is within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex then these sessions can be taught face to face or via Skype/Zoom/Webinar. If you are outside the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex then the lessons are taught via Skype/Zoom/Webinar only.

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